The Opportunities Of Investing In Gold

Gold is a precious metal and has been in demand for thousands of years.  Possession of gold by individuals was seen as a sign of wealth and affluence, and so access to gold was mainly by governments and the nobility.

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Darius, the king of the Persian Empire was believed to be the first to mint gold coins for trade and the expansion of his empire. Many countries used gold as their currency until the early twentieth century.

Though paper money came to replace gold as the currency, gold continues to be in demand and is tied to the financial wealth of an individual or country.


Even though gold is no more the standard of trade by countries and individuals, investing in gold is still seen as the necessary step for the following reasons:

1 Gold makes it possible to preserve one's wealth. Paper money is subject to inflation and depression but gold rarely reduces in cost to the extent that it loses value. The price of a unit of gold reduces only marginally than the value of the paper money.

2 Gold will always be a safe bet as the political and economic climate of a country will not directly influence the overall value of gold.
3 Gold can also be used as collateral for paper money as it has universal value and recognition. Using gold as collateral assures the lender that their interest in the transaction is secure.


Over the years gold has been acquired and invested in different ways. It has been smelted or sold as a raw rock. Below are some of the ways that gold can be owned or invested in:

1 Gold bullion bars -- This has been the traditional way of owning or investing in gold. The gold bars are heavy and difficult to move so bars have to be secured.

2 Gold coins -- The coins are priced according to their weight and the demand and supply. There are other ways of investing in gold and one emerging way is gold jewellery or scrap gold. Gold jewellery accounts for about two-thirds of the demand for gold. This jewellery comes in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets and even gold tooth. Some religious beliefs demand that titles can only be shown by a gold tooth. There is also the emotional attachment to gold. It is seen as a romantic gift to give to a partner. India, China and USA are the largest consumers of gold jewellery. There are hundreds of local coin shops and online shops in these countries that sell gold jewelry.

The gold jewellry market also deals in second-hand gold jewellery. This is where used, misplaced or broken jewellry are sold to buyers for cash. The danger here is that the buyers under-price the gold jewellry with the mind of buying cheap and selling to maximize profit.

Like every investment, there are risk factors that have to be considered. The reason you are investing in gold has to be considered. Is it to make an immediate profit or is it to secure your assets or wealth. All these factors will determine how we buy and invest in gold

How To Sell Your Gold:

When you sell your gold to A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange, they make sure you get treated fairly as well as make the process as simple as possible and in just a few easy steps you can get paid for your gold.

Here is our process:

Step 1. Schedule An Appointment
You can either call us at 916-487-5852  and they will setup a time to meet. Just give a brief description of the gold you are selling and they will be happy to let give you a rough idea of what your gold is worth and make an offer to purchase. 

Step 2. Consultation
When you come in to their shop, they will examine carefully each of your individual pieces of gold and test it with state of the art equipment to make sure you are getting paid what it is worth. They check the exact karat, content and weight right in front of you, answering any questions you may have. Once all the information is gathered, then they determine a price andmake you an offer.

Step 3. Get Paid
No need to wait for days to get paid, they pay you cash or check right on the spot.

It’s that simple.